What People Have Say About Working With Me

Carly is punctual, organized, and always professional. She has been my director for various film and theater productions, most recently “A Fistful of Plays” at EST/LA where she acted as my director and co-star. As an actor I always feel free in her rehearsals to explore, make bold choices, and have a great creative input. Carly has a way of making her cast feel like teammates rather than pawns that she is moving about the stage. She provides a perfect balance of allowing her actors creative freedom and preparing structured rehearsals so our time is used wisely. She is adaptable to different personalities, encourages uniqueness and growth, and enjoys the discoveries made under collaboration. My creativity is unbounded when I work with her; she is a strong leader, able to command discipline and respect but also creates a fun, safe atmosphere to play.
— Melanie Alexander
Carly is a talented actress and singer who played Hero in Much Ado About Nothing at the Coronado Playhouse in 2010. She also performed in a musical pre-show for Much Ado that won several awards as Best Ensemble. She has a strong work ethic which means that she worked well with others in the cast, met line call, brought creative ideas and inventiveness to her role, and demonstrated cast leadership, punctuality, trustworthy and reliable behavior, good work habits, and strong team effort. Her performance skills are superb and I look forward to working with her again. My husband directed the show and I produced it.
— Mary Anderson
Carly’s enthusiasm and attention to detail are exceeded only by her talent. In a creative process you quickly identify the people who are going to be necessary in order to “make it happen” either through their talent, drive, commitment etc. Carly is that tireless team member that sets the bar for everyone else.
— John Hindman
Carly is high energy and extremely personable. She is bright, motivated and approaches every task with enthusiasm and positive attitude. An imperative quality to have when working in the entertainment industry is being a team player. She enhances team dynamics, has creative ideas and is well versed.
— Diliana Deltcheva
Carly’s dedication to her craft is a thrill to watch. Working with her in the villages of South Africa was a real joy. She was adaptable, asked questions, and engaged with her students. She is added value to any team she joins.
— Hellen Fissihaie
Carly is an extremely talented and personable individual with a seemingly endless amount of energy and creativity. Remarkably, Carly is also capable of balancing her creative talents with business savvy. She is organized, intelligent, and possesses an intuitive talent for negotiating. She is also a truly good human being and adds a positive mentality to the workplace.
— Vickie Saxon, Ph.D.